Our Core Team

Yousuf Fakhruddin

Our prime Vision aims to UAE national agenda
raise indoor and industrial Air Quality monitoring to 90% by 2021 and
move towards clean air and green renewable sustainable solutions for our UAE Environment. By Bringing in revolutionary Technology & Product Solution.

Fatima Hamid
Group COO

As a mother of four children, one of my main concerns is always about my children’s health, how healthy they actually are. One main concern is regarding the quality of the air they breathe. I feel that air pollution is one of the most serious threats to their health, it not only can affect their neurodevelopment but also their mental health. And if exposed to high levels of air pollution, they are at risk of developing many chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease later in life. As a parent, this is something I take very seriously and my aim would be to reduce the emission and overall air pollution in order for them to have a safe upbringing.